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Improve Work and Work-Life Balance

Work is one of the biggest parts of our lives, and it can sometimes be the most stressful. Whether it is difficult relationships with bosses or coworkers, managing too high of a workload, dissatisfaction or wanting a career change, or overall imposter syndrome, it’s no surprise that work stress can impact overall life happiness. The pressure to do it all while appearing productive, engaging, self-assured, and hardworking, can make you want to avoid work altogether.


How Therapy Can Help You Feel Better at Work

Therapy is the safe, confidential, unbiased space where we can openly address the challenges that are leading to your unhappiness and stress at work. Together we can help identify the challenges that you are having and help you learn the strategies to overcome these issues and optimize your productivity, effectiveness, and happiness. Here are some areas that we can work on together in therapy:


  • Communication Skills: How to most effectively communicate your thoughts, needs, at work.

  • Work-Life Balance: Work can become very overwhelming. I will help you learn how to create balance in your life, prioritizing your wellness and stress management so that you can feel like you are effectively managing your work load and making time for other areas in your life that fill your cup and bring you joy. 

  • Exploring Meaning and Career Fulfillment: When work gets stressful, sometimes we can lose sight of our purpose or passion. Counseling can help you reconnect with what bring you meaning and fulfillment in work, which can reenergize you in your role at work.

  • Work Relationships: Learn how to effectively navigate difficult work relationships, successfully network, and increase work connections while maintaining your boundaries.

Improve Your Work Stress Today

Work can easily lead to imposter syndrome, workplace tension, or work-life imbalance. I am based in the Seattle area and work with clients locally and across the country (PSY PACT accredited) to help optimize potential, lower stress, and improve happiness and career satisfaction.

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