about me

Helping my clients become their highest self is what I do best.

I believe the most important relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself. Everything you do and give of yourself, whether to your partner, work, friendships, or family, comes from how you relate to yourself – your self-awareness, your integrity, your standards, and your level of psychological health.

Whether you are looking to start your first experience in therapy, or have been in counseling before, it can feel overwhelming to find the right therapist. I believe a strong therapeutic relationship is the most important part of the therapy experience. My style is warm, supportive, safe, direct, and engaged. Growth happens when you move beyond your comfort zone, and I will guide you there in a way that feels safe and natural, so you can begin to make the changes you always felt you have needed.

I received my doctoral degree in clinical psychology with a concentration in couples and family therapy from the Florida School of Professional Psychology. My dissertation focused on how attachment, communication styles, and parenting styles impact childhood and adolescent development. I have always been passionate about understanding human dynamics – why are we the way we are, what motivates us, and how does this impact our relationships. 

The past fifteen years of my career have been dedicated to honing my expertise and helping people revolutionize their connection to themself and their relationships with others. I have worked with clients of all ages across many different settings (university counseling centers, VA hospital, inpatient units, community mental health, crisis stabilization units, and private practice) and have several specialized certifications, including Gottman training and EMDR. 

There is no need to try to manage on your own. It is my calling to help. I work with clients all over the country, and I would love to work with you to help you live a more fulfilling life. Let’s set up a free initial phone consultation, where we can talk more about what you want to be different.

It is an honor to witness the deep transformations that my clients make through our work, and it would be an honor to work with you, too. Let me guide you towards becoming your highest self.

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