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Transform Your Relationships 

Close, healthy relationships are one of the highest predictors of life satisfaction and longevity. However, if our relationships are unhealthy or we are repeating unhelpful patterns, relationships can quickly become one of the biggest points of strain, conflict, and relational trauma.

We all want closeness and connection with others. Whether it’s a new or long-term romantic relationship, or dynamics with family or friends, sometimes we can feel like our relationships cause more stress than joy, and as if we are stuck in patterns of conflict and tension. Perhaps we feel defensive, or don’t know how to communicate our needs or feelings. Successful relationships require intention and effort. Sometimes we need help breaking out of the unsatisfying patterns we find ourselves in, and we need to learn how to pick the right kinds of people to be in our lives.

How Can Therapy Help Improve my Relationships?
Working on your relationship patterns in therapy can help you learn and recognize triggers, improve your communication and ways of responding, set boundaries, identify healthy vs. unhealthy relationship pattern, and strengthen your overall connection in relationships. I specialize in helping my clients improve their relationships and create the meaningful connections they want. Here are a few of the areas that we will focus on in improving the quality of your relationships:

  • Trust: Breeches of trust can be so difficult to overcome, and can even lead to feel relationship traumas that can leave scars for years. Often times when our trust has been broken we can be scared to open our hearts again for fear of risking more relationship pain. Through introspective connection with yourself, learning unhealthy vs. healthy relationship patterns and how to identify those in people’s patterned behavior (red vs. yellow vs. green flags), and ultimately trusting yourself the most, I will teach you how to safely rebuild your ability to be vulnerable and form new or deeper relationships.
  • Communication Skills: I will teach you to effectively communicate with respect, non defensiveness, and warmth. Learn to center yourself so that you respond, not react. We will work on communicating from a place of empowered assertiveness, not unregulated emotions.
  • Boundaries: Giving too much of yourself, being overly accommodating or people pleasing, feeling like you are taken for granted, or being disrespected creates major strain on how you feel about yourself, and how you show up in your relationships. I always say: too much sacrifice leads to resentment. I will teach you how to identify when you are starting to feel these ways, identify what feels like too much, and how to communicate and confidently uphold your own boundaries.
  • Vulnerability: Being vulnerable can feel so scary, but relationships need vulnerability to create and strengthen bonds. I’m here to gently teach you how to determine when is it safe to start letting your guard down slowly and letting people in, so that you can develop the connections and intimacy you crave. Therapy is the best place to safely practice vulnerability.
  • Past Experiences: Your past impacts how you feel, think, relate, and behave in your present life. Learning your triggers, how you are activated, and how to soothe yourself and cope with your feelings is crucial to being able to maintain long-term relationships and repair conflict.
  • Family Relationships: Whether it is a small argument, ongoing conflict, or total estrangement, therapy can help you heal the family relationship wounds you may be harboring. I will teach you how to communicate effectively, prevent resentment from growing, and set and uphold healthy and effective boundaries.
  • Friendships: High quality friendships can be one of the most meaningful parts of life. However, sometimes friendships can be a source of a lot of rumination, anxiety, and heartache. If you are concerned that you struggle to keep long-lasting friendships, or find that you have relationships that create a lot of tension, stress, or anxiety in your life, I can help you understand how and why those connections may be straining, and learn to seek and create deeper, more fulfilling friendships.

Begin Improving Your Relationships Today
Life is so much better when our relationships are healthy, loving, safe, and mutually supportive. We all deserve to feel connected, cared for, seen, and heard in our relationships. 

It is an honor to be a part of the deep transformations that my clients make in their relationships through our work, and it would be an honor to be a part of yours, too. I am based in the Seattle area and work with clients locally and across the country. 


Let me guide you towards creating your best relationships yet.

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