therapy for women

Therapy for the Unique Experiences of Being a Woman

Sometimes there are experiences that we go through as women that can be hard to talk about without feeling dismissed. Whether it’s sharing your inner thoughts or feelings without being described as sensitive or emotional, navigating a male-dominated work environment, experiencing women’s physical issues, or balancing the load of motherhood, sometimes we need a safe space to talk about what we’re going through where we truly feel seen, heard, and supported.

What Can Be Explored In Therapy?

As women, we can be asked to carry so much while keeping a smile on our face, and the pressure of “failing” can be overwhelming. Sometimes it can feel like we use all of our energy towards helping others in our life, that we can feel like we’re losing our own sense of self or joy.

Feeling truly supported can feel so life-changing. I value the therapeutic relationship, and my style is compassionate, safe, and warm. My goal as your therapist is to help you feel more connected to yourself, increase your confidence, and find ways to prioritize your joy and authenticity. Here are a few common areas that together we can work on in counseling:

  • Self-Esteem Issues: Learn how to increase your confidence, believe in yourself, and put yourself first.
  • Workplace Issues: Being a woman in the workplace comes with unique challenges and dynamics. I’ll provide a safe space for you to talk through whatever challenges you are having, and help you learn how to effectively navigate them.
  • Family Bonds & Expectations: Whether it’s navigating several different roles, improving relationships, or learning to set boundaries, therapy can help you determine what needs to change to feel more connected.
  • Friendships: Learn how to create lasting bonds and maintain healthy connections.
  • Romantic Relationships: Improve your relationships and learn how to advocate for your needs and desires.

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