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Relationship with Yourself

Learn about how your past impacts your present, get to the root of how unhelpful thoughts or patterns developed, how to view yourself differently, and make needed changes to shift the way you feel now and in the future. Through deeper insight and self-awareness you will make more conscious choices that align with your highest self.

Relationships with Others

The quality of our relationships is the biggest predictor of happiness and longevity of life. Learn to improve relationships skills, recognize healthy vs. unhealthy relationship dynamics, communicate more effectively, set healthy boundaries, increase connection and intimacy, and nurture important relationships.


I will teach you how to manage and reduce anxious, unhelpful thoughts. Learn to manage your active mind so that your thoughts help you rather than get in your own way. I will integrate researched based strategies to help you learn the skills on how to center yourself, connect with your inner calmness, and rework unhelpful thoughts so that you can respond rather than react.

Personal Growth

Uncover limiting beliefs and prevent these from getting in the way of your personal or professional growth. So often we are unaware of how our deeper fears, narratives, world views, or beliefs can get in our way and prevent - or even sabotage - our dreams and goals.

Life Transitions

We all need a safe and supportive space to process big life transitions, and it is my privilege to be able to provide that space. Life can be stressful enough, and without a safe and trusted person to process thoughts, feelings, and changes with, it can feel even harder and more isolating. You don’t need to go through it alone.


Learn to manage stress. Let me help you live more fully in the present, with awareness, grace for yourself, and consciousness over your choices and behaviors. Connect with your passions, joys, and inner peace.


Are you tired of feeling stuck in the same modern dating patterns, but don't know how to make a change? Feeling burnt out from putting yourself out there, and feeling lonely and frustrated with the process? I will help you work through these feelings, keep your value and self-worth high, and prioritize your values so you can put your energy towards finding the partner you want and deserve.


The most important relationship you have is the relationship with yourself. Let me teach you to have it be the best relationship of all by managing and improving negative self-talk, raising confidence, and connecting deeper with yourself.


Learn to balance your personal and professional goals so that you can live the life you have always dreamed of. I will help you navigate and improve relationships with your colleagues and boss, improve your self-care and work-life balance, and feel more aligned with your ultimate goals and values.

There is no need to manage on your own, it is my calling to help.

Starting psychotherapy can feel vulnerable. Whether this is your first time in counseling, or have been in therapy before, I’ve got the experience, expertise, and approach needed to make your therapy experience the best it can be.

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